Ronza Restaurant and Bar

By | March 30, 2010


Situated along Wilson St in San Juan, Metro Manila is a place called Ronza. It’s a restaurant and bar where you can literally eat, drink and be merry with friends.

I went to this place a few days back and I must say, I enjoyed hanging out with some of my blogger friends there. And below is my spirit of choice for the night – a screwdriver cocktail.

It’s interesting to note that their screwdriver did not use orange juice but instead lemonade with some grenadine. Nevertheless, it was a great mix and I enjoyed the cocktail.

This is their best seller, the R.I.P. long drink (the dark one), together with the bright orange Bad Attitude. I took a sip of these and I can’t tell what’s inside these drinks but they’re both deliciously intoxicating.

Several pulutans and a few more glasses of drinks after, I was ready to go home. But not before trying this nasty shooter reserved only for the brave. Jeff told me it was named Boy Takas but I don’t recall reading that in their menu. LOL.

So the next time you’re looking for a great place to hang out in San Juan. Try to visit Ronza Restaurant and Bar.

Here are more photos I took that night including some of the food which I was able to try. Just click the image to enlarge.

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  2. Ammira Coates

    hi ask ko lang po if how much ang mga drinks nila. Like R.I.P drink.. sana po yung mga pics may Price :)) Super malapit lang po ako jan sa Ronza dinadaanan ko lang po same sa serenitea ;)))

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