Sa Balai Bistro: Organic Mulberry Iced Tea and More

By | November 30, 2010


Traveling has always given me several opportunities to try out new and interesting drinks. And my recent trip to the city of Koronadal in South Cotabato is no exception.

Seated along Abad Santos street is a place called Sa Balai Bistro. It’s a quaint two-story restaurant-bar owned by Chef Carlo Ebeo. Locally, this place is known for its delectable dishes but also, for their unique and refreshing beverage concoctions.

I visited the place last September, and I was lucky to be there during their 3-day buffet promo – which meant an eat and drink all you can feast for me. 😛

They has a variety of pasta dishes and pizza flavors available that day. I tried all of them and my favorite would have to be the Honolulu – a bacon and pineapple pizza.

But I think the highlight of the afternoon for me was being able to try their organic mulberry iced tea. I drank almost a pitcher of it!

Mulberry is often used in the western world for pies, tarts and wines. The iced tea has a complex sweet and sour taste with a subtle herbal finish to the palate – calming and refreshing.

I don’t know if there are any restaurants in Metro Manila that offers mulberry iced tea, so if ever you find yourself in General Santos or anywhere in South Cotabato, be sure to visit Sa Balai Bistro and experience this unique drink.

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