SIP, Your Natural Steeped Milk Teas

By | November 8, 2012


Those looking for a milk tea fix can find a refreshing alternative in the natural sweetness of SIP’s steeped milk teas. SIP offers naturally sweet tea-based drinks that can serve as dessert substitutes for those who want to limit their sugar intake.

SIP uses high-grade pekoe loose leaves, which naturally sweetens the milk tea and reduces the sugar content in a unique blend. Between three weeks to three months old, pekoe loose leaves are known for their sweet and floral qualities.

These leaves are perfect for making tea because its essence is strong enough to withstand the milk and flavoring, unlike the younger blossom leaves that are too delicate and the much older souchong leaves that taste bitter. Made from only natural ingredients to make the best quality teas, SIP also boasts of a superior method of tea preparation⎯steeping.

Steeping tea instead of brewing it retains the traditional flavors and aroma of the tea, thus making it the healthier and tastier choice. Steeping also maximizes the flavor that can be extracted from the leaves. And because SIP uses sweet pekoe leaves, they don’t need much sugar to sweeten their drinks.

The other secret to SIP’s naturally sweet chilled tea blends is their use of spring teas, which are actually found to be sweeter and more fragrant than those harvested during the summer and autumn seasons.

“Visit our branches for a unique milk tea experience,” says owner Jon Kui. “It is perfect for fans of milk tea who are looking to enjoy drinks that won’t make them feel guilty about their love for sweets.”

Jon personally recommends the plain milk tea at 75% sweetness level for classic milk tea lovers, the mango milk tea with citrus topping at 50% sweetness level for those in search of fruity goodness, and caramel milk tea at 75% sweetness level for those who want their blends creamier and sweeter.

So go and satisfy your sweet tooth with SIP’s naturally sweet steeped tea drinks! SIP is located in six branches: Robinsons Galleria, Pearl Plaza, Malate (Dr. Quintos St.), SM Sucat, SM Manila and E. Rodriguez St.

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