Sjora by Nestlé in Chowking

By | May 26, 2009


If ever you find yourself dining in Chowking, then I’d recommend that you try Sjora. Simply pronounced as sah-jo-rah, this is a peach and mango fusion drink made creamy with milk.


When you sip Sjora, the mango initially consumes your palette and ends with a kick of peach as aftertaste. All the while, the milk gives the drink a creamy texture in your mouth.

Milk? Yes, it’s 10% milk.

Truly a unique and refreshing drink – light, smooth and simple.


Sjora is currently being marketed and distributed by Nestlé. For the calorie counters, note that 8 fl. oz. of this contains 90 calories. The diet version however, only has 15 calories.

Sjora is best served with plenty of ice.

Learn more about Sjora here.

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  1. Intern

    Hi thirsty,

    Sounds like you like the beverage. So do I – if you had to market it what would you do? How can I get it out in the market with the “umphff” it deserves?

    Ever come across any really successful new product launches in your blog?

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