Smart C+ Wear Your Choice

By | September 14, 2011


I wrote about Smart C+ a few month ago and I’m glad to have been invited a last week to a press launch of their newest campaign, the Smart C+ Wear Your Choice.

Smart C+ has been positioning itself in the market as more than just a juice drink, but one that also promotes a multi-faceted lifestyle of success. Packed with only natural ingredients, Smart C+ is one immunity-boosting refreshment that everyone can enjoy.

And now, with their Smart C+ Wear Your Choice, one can participate in the “I Choose” campaign that will encourage you to define your life choices – much like how their chosen five “plusmakers” have done with theirs.

In the above photo, Smart C+ plusmakers Anton del Rosario, Divine Lee, RJ Ledesma, Rissa Mananquil, and Liz Uy are wearing their own Smart C+ customized shirts together with Oishi Vice-President for Marketing Shera Chan Tiu.

Do you want your own “I Choose” t-shirt? You can have one too. All you need is to visit their activation events happening on September 17-18 at the Trinoma Mall’s Cinema Lobby and at the Market! Market! Activity Center on October 14-15.

For only P200.00, you’ll get six (6) bottles of Smart C+, and have your own real “I Choose” shirt made which you can take home. Be sure to prepare your own manifesto so that your “I Choose” shirt will be as unique as you.

To learn more, you may visit this site and see some photos of “virtual shirts” which some of the guests made.

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