Sola Iced Tea Orange

By | October 10, 2010


Personally, one of the best tasting iced tea brand in the market today is Sola and it’s surprised me that I haven’t blogged about it here, until now.

My all time favorite Sola Iced Tea flavor is Peach, but the other day, I decided to try the Orange flavor and see how this new variant compares.

Did you know that Sola actually started way back in 1999? I remember drinking it for the first time only around 4 years ago. According to their website, this drink is produced in the Philippines – which makes this a Pinoy product. Yay!

Anyway, back to Sola Orange – I’d say that this one tastes like Sola Lemon but with more subtle flavor. An initial sip will give you that familiar Sola iced tea taste then slowly ends with an orange sweetness aftertaste.

Personally, I liked it and it’s now my next choice if Sola Peach is not available.

So that’s Sola Iced Tea Orange for me – always best served chilled and poured over ice in a glass.

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