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No More Mountain Dew in KFC Philippines

If you’ve been to any KFC Philippines branch lately, you’ll notice that they’ve switched to Coca-Cola products already – which means there’s no more Mountain Dew. This is sad… well at least for me (and almost everyone I know) because Mountain Dew is my favorite to drink when I’m eating Kentucky Fried Chicken.

KFC Chili-Lime

If you don’t know yet, I sometimes drink KFC’s gravy – yeah, that’s one of my many eccentricities. And perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I got the opportunity to taste KFC’s latest chicken variant – the KFC Chili Lime.

Much Ado About The KFC Gravy

I love eating fried chicken. And in my humble opinion, one of the things that make fried chicken delectable is the gravy. And when it comes to gravies, my favorite is the gravy from KFC.