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SIP, Your Natural Steeped Milk Teas

Those looking for a milk tea fix can find a refreshing alternative in the natural sweetness of SIP’s steeped milk teas. SIP offers naturally sweet tea-based drinks that can serve as dessert substitutes for those who want to limit their sugar intake. SIP uses high-grade pekoe loose leaves, which naturally sweetens the milk tea and… Read More »

SenCha Milk Tea Place

In Japan, Sencha is green tea made without grinding the leaves. However locally, Sencha means something different because here, it’s a milk tea place – one of the many types which has recently opened in the city this year.

Chatime: Good Tea, Good Time

There’s really so many milk tea places around the metro today and I tried one of the more popular outlets in Alabang Town Center yesterday, Chatime. With the slogan, Chatime: Good Tea, Good Time – I can’t help but smile and kid around with their name in my head as “Tsaa Time”.

Mr. Kurosawa: Milk Tea and More

The first time I went to Republiq in Resorts World Manila more than a year ago, the area barely had any establishments. But visit the place now and you’ll see it’s teeming with great food finds. One of the restaurants who first saw the potential of the place is Euro-Japanese restaurant, Mr. Kurosawa. And last… Read More »

Top Ten Best Sellers of Serenitea

Every time I tell someone that I blog about beverages, a good number of them would ask me if I’ve already written about Serenitea. I don’t know why I haven’t blogged about this very popular milk tea place in Metro Manila, but it doesn’t matter anymore… because I’m writing about Serenitea today.