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Watermelon Sprite Float by Jollibee

If you go to Jollibee today, you’ll notice a new drink that they’re promoting for summer – the Watermelon Sprite Float. Personally, it’s doesn’t sound really refreshing – maybe because I’m imagining all the sugar in the drink. You have watermelon flavored syrup, Sprite and of course, the vanilla soft-served ice cream.

Coca Cola’s Pearl Of The Orient

Here’s a treasure I found over at You Tube. A vintage Coke infomercial that showcases Coca Cola’s presence in Philippine culture. This 20-minute video is from 1955 and is entitled Pearl of the Orient. Watching this film made me remember all the field trips to the Coca Cola plants I took in elementary school.

Coke Light

I am a big Coca Cola drinker. And ever since I became more conscious with my weight, I stopped drinking regular Coke and switched to Coke Light. Coke Light used to be Diet Coke in the country. It was renamed and rebranded in the mid 90’s and continues to be available in the market along… Read More »