Tanduay Ice Alcomix

By | January 27, 2010


Last weekend, I was able to finally get a taste of the Tanduay Ice Alcomix. I’ve been curious about this product ever since it was launched but I never really got around to ordering it except last Saturday.

My initial hesitation with drinking Tanduay Ice is that I’ve never really been a fan of rum, which is what Tanduay represents for me. But when my friend said that it doesn’t taste like Tanduay Rhum, I reconsidered and gave Tanduay Ice a try.

My first impression when I took my first sip? Hmmm, it tastes like Vodka Ice but a bit more tarty. I took a few more sips and eventually the taste grew on me and I kindda liked it.

Curious about what’s inside Tanduay Ice? Well here’s a snapshot of the ingredients. Notice that there’s no rum and the contained alcohol is just a curiously plain “triple distilled spirit”.

Anyway, I was able to down a couple of bottles of Tanduay Ice before I decided that that was enough for me. Not because I’m already drunk but because I still have to drive home.

But given another chance and I’m not the designated driver for the night, I won’t hesitate ordering Tanduay Ice Alcomix again.

Bottoms up!

Update: Tanduay Ice New Flavors

27 thoughts on “Tanduay Ice Alcomix

  1. Jhay

    From the ingredients, it seems to be some sort of spiked lemonade. 😉

    Rums had never been in good favor for me too.

  2. cathy

    i was hesitant to drink tanduay ice din before but because my friends were so insistent, napainom din nila ako.. & im glad i did. msarap naman pla. =) just cant order it in some bars i went to like bugsy’s in makati kasi they dont have it. kainis

  3. melinda magbuhos

    please e-mail me where to get tanduay ice here in manila. we were able to get a taste of this kind at 7-11 batangas city and we would like to buy some more at a reasonable price. thanks

  4. Lance Palisoc

    favorite ko na to.napakaSWABE.. 🙂
    two thumbs up… cheers!

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  6. Fitz Post author

    It doesn’t smell strong. Go ahead and try it – as some said above, it’s quite good. 😀

  7. dacs

    san my retailer ng t.ice mahal k sa 7/11..imagine 34 per bottle..d2 kmi s makati sa kalayaan….anyway msarap ung t.ice….2 bottles ok n tama…gnaga q nang coffee sa umaga….inform me please san my retailer d2 sa makati….kalayaan…tnx a lot

  8. kris

    uh, ang sarap nito. mas masarap kesa sa antonov vodka apple mix. you can buy it in supermarkets. sa shopwise ako nakabili e. 25.75 php per bottle. sarap. grabe.hehe

  9. Jalapao1968

    auz ahh ngayon ko lang natikman toh.di cza strong tama lang sa tulad kong outgoing sarap nya keep it up bottoms up.,,,,,……LOL:)

  10. aldo

    this is the official drink of our barkada. we love it so much!

  11. mhike

    i’m not really a drinker…ang alam ko lang inumin b4 eh d’bar(apple only) but 1 tym napunta kami ng mga kaberkz ko sa fiestahan in our neighboring town na ok ang gimikz nila pero walang d’bar…then sum1 offered me a cold bottle tanduay, so i tried, at khit nkainom na me ng 1 bottle of d’bar nun, nkaapat pa rin me sa sobrang sarap ng T.Ice…at now, halos lahat ng friends ko pati yung di umiinom lyk me b4 eh adik na sa tanduay ice…we love it so much…

  12. majormhike

    y do i love T.Ice??? well, i’m not a liquor drinker at bagay sa akin kasi mild lang xa, masarap ang lasa, di mabaho kahit nkailang bote ka na, mejo sozy xa kasi nkabottle lang din at anyone can drink…kaya nga dami ko ng naimpluwensyahang dati eh gaya kong ayaw sa liquors, kaya mga friends ko d2 sa aklan, mapapinoy of foreigner man, we love T.Ice so much nah….

  13. glenn dhang

    ikaw n d bez.. tanduay ice.! hehehe

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  15. Semidoppel

    We call it as “inuming traydor”, it taste so good, it seems that you’re just drinking Zest-o guyabano. If makainom ka na ng limang bote, dun mo mafifeel ung tama, putting ice on it makes it more easy to drink.

  16. Tony

    I’ve been dry for 4 years now, and I thought my drinking days were over. But ever since I tried T-Ice at the wedding party of a friend’s daughter in Zamboanga City, I’ve been hooked! Basta T-Ice lang! Just right for me.

  17. say

    any idea kung ano ang nakalagay dito? swabe nga sya pero after 5-6 bottles ang lakas ng tama at sakit sa ulo the day after 🙁

  18. mieko

    SOLVE na SOLVE ako sa TANDUAY ICE! My favorite is the Blue Illusion. HANEEEEP!!! :))

  19. christialyn muega

    nakakabaog daw vah ang subra sa pag inum ng tanduay ice..?

  20. zhu li

    masaya lang basahin mga comment d2….t.ice lng talaga kaya ko inumin k2 swabe lng tlga sya….2 bot ok n ako…pampatulog sakin toh…hindi ko p naman n try n uminom ng 4-6 bot

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