The BaR: Orange Vodka and Lemon & Lime Gin

By | May 20, 2009


The BaR is the newest drink to hit the party scene. Since its launch last April 18 at Eastwood Mall, it has captured the curiosity of many young urban professionals, including me.

Currently being endorsed by Jake Cuenca, Angelica Panganiban and Tim Yap, The BaR is now getting some media mileage and it’s slogan, “Always Open” is slowly becoming a catch phrase among drinkers.


And so, I tried them. Just to see if these drinks could impair my proper judgment and coordination that easily. 😛

I found the orange vodka quite tasty. Sweet and fruity as Angelica Panganiban would say, and I’d agree.

Meanwhile, the lemon & lime gin really offers nothing new to the palette if you’re used to drinking gin with lime. In any case, it does offer a good mix of flavor and alcohol in my opinion.


Overall, I think that The BaR is a good choice if you want some “spirit” with your parties and gatherings. Personally, I’m recommending the orange vodka.

The BaR is available in supermarkets, liquor shops and convenience stores. Currently, a liter of The BaR sells around P90 in 7-11 stores. Remember to drink moderately.

32 thoughts on “The BaR: Orange Vodka and Lemon & Lime Gin

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  2. melit

    my hs frends and I love this drink so much! We mix it with sprite and powdered orange/grape juice and there we go!happy drinking~

  3. tangos ni pango :)

    ‘ we usually drinks that so called the bar :]]

    grabe . pag wala ean ‘ wala tropa 🙂

    lemon @ lime the best

    hope to taste mur flavors .

    dhil dyan buo ang barkada :))

  4. I don't really drink

    i hate the taste… I though I would taste like vodka mudshake so I took a gulp and end up like throwing… whaaaaaaaaa

  5. eman-ech

    nasayang lang ung dinner ko dahil sa vodka na yan!!!

  6. hap0nesa

    i lurve it!, specially the bar apple with no chaser..*WINK*

  7. kioshi

    @hap0nesa: i love the bar apple vodka too. hehehe.. i hate orange! i feel sick right now coz of it!

  8. Pretzel Sinaniban

    drink orange! it’s very sweet and fruity! ;D ohyeah!

  9. nick kole

    very tempting talaga…ads n promo plang alam mu nang sulit!

  10. john lacson

    first time kong the bar ininom ko haha…im 18 jeje old enough to drink,,,yeah

  11. hfbcjkdafkadgh

    nasusuka sa pag nakikita ko palang mukang tubig ung nainum ko napapunta ako a hospital

  12. dong dong peanut

    i love the bar……………………………….

  13. Scott

    I grabbed a bottle of the “The Bar” orange vodka in Boracay, at a small grocery store at the inside end of the D-Mall. I think it was like 27 pesos, which was super cheap. Maybe it was 72, but that’s still less than $2, and super cheap. After moderate intoxication from two kamikaze cocktails, I was hit with closing time, so I went back to my hotel to grab this bottle, and it was sweet enough to drink as easy as water. I then allegedly showed my privates to some Korean tourists, and passed out on the beach, where a gay man tried hitting on me and luring me to go with him. Fortunately, the girl from Manila that I brought with me (and reason I was depressingly drinking alone…), came to the rescue, and helped me back to my room. She turned her phone off and stopped talking to her other potential white suitors the rest of the trip. I guess she does have a *small* conscience after all. Sigh…

  14. geelah

    ahh…i got rashes after having 4 shots of it… i guess i’m allergic to it…:(

  15. jocel

    try mixing 3/4 part sprite, 1/4 part the bar apple and fresh lemon juice (1 lemon is enough to add extra taste). then, color the drink with grenadine but do not put too much. Add ice. you’ll surely love it. 🙂

  16. hmm

    okay i just had to ask, whats the alcohol content of the BaR ?
    im at another country so i really dont know anything about this vodka except that its really popular nowadays..

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  18. rob

    uu masarap nga lasa eh grabe yang the bar na yan paskong pasko …nagtae ako tsaka nasira tlga sikmura ko sa putang inang the bar yan..!!! marami na nagrereklamo dyan s the bar n yan..

  19. dennis

    wow tlagang npaka sarap ng the bar kc kagabi nalasing nnman ako,, nag away lng 2luy kmi ng gf ko kya un,, tlagang npaka sarap ng the bar at araw araw na akong mag iinom ng the bar,, pra plagi na lng akong lasing at araw araw akong uuwi ng gumagapang pra sa the bar ano png say nyo jan..hahahhahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! inuman na ng the bar pra malasing na tyong lahat hahahahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!

  20. gothcreep

    90? eh dito tag 60 lang yan!!!!!!!!!!!! mag pure the ar na lang tayo

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