The Miraculous Water of Dauis Church in Bohol

By | August 23, 2011


Dauis is a municipality of Panglao Island in the province of Bohol and it is where you can see an 18th century church dedicated to the “La Señora de la Asuncion” or Our Lady of the Assumption.

Dauis Church, as it is more popularly called, is the home of the famous Patroness image which many claim to be miraculous.

The church is built by the island’s first Spanish missionaries back in 1697. It has since gone through renovation and restoration. It’s current state was finished in 1863 and Bishop Juan Gorordo of Cebu consecrated it on August 23, 1923.

Coming inside, you will definitely notice the church’s 18th century architecture and impressive paintings on the ceiling. In the middle of the altar, the famous image of Our Lady of the Assumption rests.

One thing that’s unusual about this church is the presence of a well in front of the altar. This is where the people of Dauis gets their famous healing water.

The story happened during the Spanish occupation when the people of Dauis locked themselves inside the church to protect themselves from the invading Moro pirates. As they begin to ran out of provisions and water, this well appeared in front of the altar and provided sustenance to them.

If you go to the back of the altar, you’ll see this “water station” where you can get bottled water from this well. It’s free but a donation of any amount is encouraged for maintenance.

Of course, I got myself some of this water. Despite the well’s proximity to the sea, the water is surprisingly fresh and energizing.

If ever you get the chance to visit Bohol, I encourage you to visit Dauis Church and see its beauty and of course, experience drinking this water from Mama Mary’s Well.

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