The New Starbucks Logo Starting March 2011

By | January 6, 2011


Yes, that’s right. Starting March 2011, Starbucks will have a new logo. The company has dropped the words “Starbucks Coffee” and will now use the iconic green siren for its new logo.

Good move or bad? Fans in the US have mixed reactions but mostly say that they don’t like the change. The most common sentiment is that the new logo is dull and unimpressive.

However, Starbucks explains that the change will not affect the service they provide. That the company’s core competencies are still the same; and removing the circle simply symbolizes the freedom and flexibility they now have to think beyond coffee.

Watch Howard Schultz below as he explains the evolving identity of Starbucks.

3 thoughts on “The New Starbucks Logo Starting March 2011

  1. Jhay

    Not really a Starbucks patron so it’s a non-issue for me. Though it would be interesting to hear what my friends would say about the logo change.

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