The Thirsty Blogger Drink List Batch 3

By | August 2, 2009


What drink adventures did The Thirsty Blogger had last month? Here are some of the articles I’ve written in July.

So before we move on for the month of August and read more about thirst-quenching drinks and other health articles, let’s say cheers once again for these memorable places and beverages.


July marked the launching of three new drinks from Starbucks and I was able to give you a glimpse of the Caramel Dark Roast Coffee Jelly Frappuccino. So have you already tried this?

From Starbucks, I traveled to Figaro and had a Caramel Frost Light at their branch in Britanny Bay, Sucat. Visit them there and experience a warm and relaxing ambiance.

Or if you want to have coffee and free WiFi and you’re in the southern part of Metro Manila, then come and visit Perk Avenue along President’s Avenue, near Tahanan Village, Paranaque. Who knows, we might bump into each other there. đŸ˜€

Moreover, last month, I was able to try Red Mango’s Iced Green Tea Latte while testing the free WiFi in Megamall. And also taste 100 Plus Isotonic Sports Drink after running my first ever marathon.

Lastly, I did more than drink last month for I also ate a lot. Thanks to Kanin Club, Nama Sakana Sushi and Sango! The Burger Master.

So what can you expect here this month of August? Well, more drinks of course and occasional health articles too. So watch out for it!


Image Credit: Thomas Hawk

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