The Thirsty Blogger Will Go Surfing On August 15

By | August 11, 2009


How salty is the sea water in La Union? I’ll find out this coming weekend as The Thirsty Blogger goes surfing with Sago in Let’s Go Surfing.

This surfing event is to celebrate the anniversary of Let’s Go Sago! Furthermore, it’s also a benefit project for the World Wildlife Fund Philippines (WWF).


And the good news is, anyone can join!

People who don’t know how to surf, well, actually even those who don’t know how to swim can join this event. Why? Because a beginner’s surfing clinic for all participants will be given courtesy of the Billabong Surf School.

Registration is P2,500 which includes transportation, accomodation, breakfast, surf board rent, 1 hours surf lesson and a night beach party. There’s also a great discount available for bloggers.

You can learn more about the event and join by surfing over to the official webpage of Let’s Go Surfing here.

This event is brought to you by DOT and Bico Australia.

2 thoughts on “The Thirsty Blogger Will Go Surfing On August 15

  1. dlysen

    Wow, it is nice opportunity to learn surfing 2 day a head of this time, how i wish to know it earlier, I’ll better luck for the the next wave. Good luck and God bless.

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