Thirsty Finds at Soderno @ Molito

By | November 29, 2011


People from Metro South need not go all the way to The Fort anymore to satisfy their weekend night food cravings because Soderno @ Molito has finally opened.

From the same team who made Mercato possible, Soderno @ Molito is the place to go if you’re craving for something good to fill that empty stomach after a weekend night out of town or simply, to meet friends and hangout.

It was just a spontaneous decision to go to Soderno last weekend, so please forgive the phone camera photos. I tried to give it a pseudo-lomo effect though which I hope you like. đŸ˜€

Anyway, Soderno is more than just a place to eat at night. It’s actually the venue for three events:

  • SODERNO LIFESTYLE MARKET every SATURDAY (7am-4pm). The Lifestyle market is the place to enjoy fashion, arts and crafts and food.
  • SODERNO ORGANIC MARKET every SUNDAY (7am-4pm). The Organic Lifestyle market is the place to go for food, organic and natural produce and eco-friendly products.
  • SODERNO NIGHT MARKET every FRIDAY & SATURDAY (6pm-3am). The vibrant Night market combines the best that each market has to offer: fashion, arts & crafts and, of course, food!

Those descriptions were taken from their official website,

So what’s good to drink there in Soderno @ Molito?

Well, there’s The Juice Bar where I found some interesting flavors. There’s also a Pepsi booth there if you’re a soda person. Some stalls also sell their own mix of iced teas and home-made juices.

Personally, I like the classics, specially if the ambiance is a food fiesta banquet such as Soderno. By that I meant good old “samalamig” – buko juice, melon juice, buko-pandan juice, pineapple juice and sago’t gulaman.

I didn’t even get the name of that booth… or I think it actually has no name – which is better (at least for me) because it adds to the authenticity of my own memory when I’d walk around the city plaza during festivals in the province.

And with that, I say “Cheers!” to Soderno @ Molito.

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