Top Ten Best Sellers of Serenitea

By | January 12, 2012


Every time I tell someone that I blog about beverages, a good number of them would ask me if I’ve already written about Serenitea.

I don’t know why I haven’t blogged about this very popular milk tea place in Metro Manila, but it doesn’t matter anymore… because I’m writing about Serenitea today.

Those who frequent Serenitea already have their own favorite drinks. They do have quite a wide selection.

But just in case you haven’t been there… ever. Then here’s a quick guide to their top ten best-selling drinks, according to what’s posted on their website today.

Wintermelon Milk Tea – Assam milk tea, caramelized sugar flavor

Frosting Black Tea – Assam black tea with vanilla ice cream

Nutty Choco Milk Tea – Chocolate milktea with nutty flavor

Green Apple Yakult – Yakult with green apple syrup

Hazelnut Tea Latte – Natural roasted hazelnut with tea latte

Hokkaido Milk Tea – Assam tea with butter toffee caramel flavor

Mango Frost – Mango blended with green tea and frosting

Nagoya Milk Tea – Vanilla flavored milktea

Green Apple – iced apple-flavored green tea

Okinawa Milk Tea – Assam black tea and brown sugar

What’s your favorite Serenitea drink?

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Best Sellers of Serenitea

  1. Reginadl

    My fav Hoikaido milk tea and green apple yakult! zeee best! πŸ™‚

  2. Bhing

    My fave is Okinawa..ahmppftt.. will try the Wintermelon Milk Tea later….. yumyum

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