Trellis ‘n Vines Davao: Mixed Fruit Shake and More

By | July 8, 2011


If you’re looking for a hearty meal in Davao City, I suggest you visit Trellis ‘n Vines.

It was one of our stops during the Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DFAT) 2011 and it’s where I was able to drink a unique mixed fruit shake made of watermelon, banana, mango and avocado.

I usually have mango-banana smoothies and I never thought that adding watermelon and avocado to the mix would result into a very tasty and refreshing drink as well. I’ll surely make this at home again, one of this days.

And to go along with my mixed fruit shake, I was able to try a variety of dishes at Trellis ‘n Vines. All were good but my favorites would have to be the Sinuglaw which is basically “sinugbang baboy” + “kinilaw” (grilled pork belly and fish ceviche)…

and the spicy hot Chicken Biryani – yummy!

Trellis ‘n Vines has several branches in Davao City. This one below, where we had our lunch, is located at F. Torres Street.

Learn more about them at

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  1. Lyle

    The photos look very appetizing. I plan to drop by again soon.

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