Uncle Cheffy: Watermelon Shake and More

By | May 17, 2010


If you eat at Old Vine Grille and Kuse, you might wonder why their cuisine looks familiar. If so, then I’m sure it’s because you’ve been to Uncle Cheffy Panizza Brick Oven and Global Cuisine.

The three dining places, among others, belong to the same group of restaurants that is making food lovers in the city, very happy.

The last time I was there, my choice of beverage was the watermelon shake. It’s refreshing but nothing quite extraordinary and fancy, well except for the cherry topping.

How is the food at Uncle Cheffy? Well, I can bravely say that everything tastes good here. I had a feast that night with other blogger friends. We had a variety of “global dishes” as you can see.

But of course, my favorite and something you should really, really try in Uncle Cheffy is the Garlic Studded Pork Belly Lechon which costs only Php95 per 100 grams.

Uncle Cheffy is located at Unit A216 & S201 Level 2, Eastwood Mall.

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