Vintage Posters at Cafe Ma’Mita

By | May 5, 2010


Going back to my Marinduque vacation, I’d like to share with you an interesting part of my stay there.

I checked-in at Boac Hotel, a very cozy place with friendly rates and hospitable staff. But aside from their free WiFi, I also enjoyed dining at Cafe Ma’Mita, their in-house restaurant.

There’s really nothing unique about their menu, though I did enjoy eating their pansit (a must try!). But what’s quite charming about the place is the numerous vintage posters and old newspaper ads framed and hung on its walls.

Here are some of the beverage ads that you can see there. It’s quite amusing to look and read at how these drinks have grown and changed their marketing campaign over the years.

Birch Tree – before “It’s everybody’s milk”

Coca Cola – when it used to “sparkle”

Ricoa Cocoa – no Milo nor Ovaltine yet during that time I think

Sarsi – no raw egg required yet

San Miguel Beer – an international brand ever since

Another San Miguel Beer ad in partnership with Philippine Airlines (PAL)

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