What is an Ale Beer and a Lager Beer? What’s the Difference?

By | December 16, 2018


For beer enthusiasts, this might be important to know. But for others, it’s likewise interesting to at least know what type of beer you’re drinking.

Basically, beer is divided into two categories: ales and lagers. The distinction comes from the type of yeast used. Here’s a brief comparison of ale vs lager.

If an ale yeast is used, the beer is fermented at a warmer (just cooler than a room) temperature, while lagers ferment at a cooler temperature (just warmer than your fridge).

The tasting distinctions to me come across as “round” for ales and “crisp” for lagers.

Notably, any beer style can use the other yeast, but traditionally stouts, porters, and, of course, brown/pale ales and India pale ales use ale yeast, while bocks, marzens, and pilsners use lager yeast.

If you like drinking Budweiser, then you should know that it is a lager beer. Cheers! Bottoms up!

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