Yakult: Probiotic Milk

By | December 4, 2010


I’ve been drinking Yakult since I was in Kindergarten – and years after, I still do. But not solely because of its claimed health benefits, but I guess more than anything else – it’s because of the memories it brings whenever I open one.

Memories such as eagerly waiting for the Yakult lady to come by our home to deliver our week’s supply during Monday mornings when I was a kid; or me during grade school shouting “A! A! A!” in front of the television while watching Kwarta o Kahon’s Roleta ng Kapalaran game.

I still remember those days when I would complain to my Mom why I can’t have more than one bottle of Yakult in a day; and her explaining to me that it’s not a beverage but a liquid vitamin – and it’s bad to overdose on it.

There was also a time when I asked my classmates in school if Yakult came in bottles larger than the petite 80ml and we all got curious and looked for one the next time we went to the grocery with our parents. Of course, to our disappointment, we found none – and there’s still none today.

Anyway, it’s really amazing how Yakult has become a true Pinoy pop culture icon and I’m sure that kids years from now will still enjoy saying the words Lactobacilli Shirota strain as much as they love drinking Yakult everyday.

7 thoughts on “Yakult: Probiotic Milk

  1. Jhay

    It was in Hong Kong that I had my gigantic 1-liter bottle of Yakult. When I go back, I’d be sure to get more. 😀

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  4. joe-ann solis

    does yakult has side effects when taken into 4times or more a day?

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