Zola Resto Cafe in Baguio: Must Try Shakes

By | April 9, 2011


Are you looking for a place to hang out along Session Road in Baguio? Then you should check out Zola Resto Cafe.

I like going to this place whenever I’m in Baguio primarily because they have free WiFi and also, because they serve amazing shakes.

My favorite is their chocolate milk shake, which is as yummy as it looks.

And there’s also the mango shake – thick, creamy and sweet.

But since you’re in Baguio, where strawberries are being sold left and right, then I suggest you also try the strawberry milk shake – it’s one of the best I’ve tasted.

Always be sure to have someone special with you when you go visit Baguio – so you’ll have somebody to hug you and give you warmth when the cold weather and these drinks gets to you. Cheers!

6 thoughts on “Zola Resto Cafe in Baguio: Must Try Shakes

  1. Micamyx

    I go in Zola Baguio and Dagupan for the free wifi hehe i love their carbonara too 😀 Hindi ko pa na-try drinks nila. Might as well try it pagbalik ko

  2. Michi

    Hi The Thirsty blogger! I’d like to get permission to use your photos for Zola. Okay lang? Thanks!

  3. Fitz Post author

    Hi Michi, sure you can use the photos as long as you keep the watermark. Thanks! Oh also, these shakes cost less than a hundred pesos – sorry, I can’t remember exactly how much.

  4. venus

    i miss z0la bgui0 sessi0n r0ad waaah s0on pag uwi ko yn una kng pupuntahan z0la mwah

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